The Conference

We are a 300+ guest conference attracting top talent from across Canada. Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the event will now take place online on March 7th & 8th, 2021.

CUCAI 2020 was a huge success, with a breadth of esteemed speakers including Geoffrey Hinton, and sponsors such as TD, RBC, Distributed Compute Labs, KPMG and Accenture. Students attended from McGill, U of T, Waterloo, McMaster, uOttawa, Western and more. Highlights from the conference include the industry showcase, design team showcase, incubator pitch competition, coffee chats with industry and the Women in STEM fireside chat. These events will all be converted to an online format, without impeding the quality of presentation and interaction.

CUCAI 2021 aims to continue expanding our national reach by inviting more delegates from universities across Canada through our undergraduate AI group collaboration program. We wish to allow for more guests altogether, with a projected attendance of 700. We are attaining more esteemed sponsors and speakers than ever before. Major additions to CUCAI 2021 are the Undergraduate AI Group Showcase, the previously mentioned Student AI Group Collaboration Program and improving our bursary program to increase CUCAI’s accessibility.

Our community is one where we actively challenge the status quo around what undergraduate students are capable of achieving in the field of artificial intelligence. We are makers, innovators and disruptors.

Our Mission

Designed to connect undergraduate students with industry leaders, the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence provides a platform for companies to develop corporate brand recognition with undergraduate AI talent, facilitate learning about AI, and showcase the diverse opportunities available for students in this field.

Our History

The first annual Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CUCAI) took place on March 9th, 2019. Founded by QMIND - Queen’s AI Hub and a strong Queen’s community, the event marked its debut on the national stage with delegations from Queenʼs University, McGill University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and University of Manitoba.

Our Team

Berkeley Wilson's headshot'

Berkeley Wilson


Mechanical Engineering '21

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Max Bennett


Applied Mathematics '22

Ellie Mehltretter's headshot'

Ellie Mehltretter

Delegates Coordinator

Mathematics '21

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Jack Perry

Delegates Coordinator

Commerce '22

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Catherine Wu

Logistics Manager

Biomedical Computation '22

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Jack Grebenc

Logistics Coordinator

Mathematics & Computing '21

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Will Stewart

Logistics Coordinator

Commerce '22

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Parker Rowe

Marketing Coordinator & Web Developer

Computer Engineering & Innovation '22

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Katie Lu

Marketing Coordinator & Web Developer

Computing & The Creative Arts '21