The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI

Artificial intelligence, real change.

March, 2023 | Queen's University

Dive into

the world of artificial intelligence.

Designed to connect passionate and talented undergraduate students with industry trailblazers, the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CUCAI) is a national-scale conference aimed to inspire the future leaders of AI.



Reasons to attend the conference this year.

Premier Speaker


Speaker presentations from leaders in academia and industry have been a cornerstone of CUCAI since its inaugural year. These components of the conference empower delegates to learn from the ideas, experiences and knowledge of these professionals as they discuss a variety of fascinating AI topics.

  • Shivon


    Project Director, Office of the CEO


  • Laurence


    Lead Artificial Intelligence Advocate


  • David


    CEO & Founder

    AVO - Autonomous Vehicle Organization

  • Inmar


    Director of Engineering

    Uber ATG

Exclusive Networking


Exciting events throughout the conference designed to show undergraduate students the present and future of AI in industry. We hope to provide students with the opportunity to connect with the companies on the frontier of AI, hoping to find opportunities to push the boundaries on AI.

Interactive Workshop


Workshops are an incredibly engaging facet of CUCAI intended to bring an element of concreteness to the topic of artificial intelligence. These events allow industry partners to showcase their firm’s technology while providing an opportunity for interactive experience with modern AI and data science tools for delegates.

AI Pitch


Come see promising early-stage student startups compete for a $10,000 prize pool! All the student ventures competing in the event leverage the power of AI to bring new and exciting business solutions to reality.

Design Team


The design team showcase was the foundation on which CUCAI was started. This event features in-depth presentations for audiences of all levels of experience and backgrounds, as well as engaging and interactive demonstrations shifted to an online format for 30+ design teams from across Canada.

Past Events & Highlights

Geoffrey Hinton

World renowned researcher Geoffrey Hinton, winner of the 2018 ACM A. M. Turing Award (jointly with Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun), discussed his most recent research efforts and gave advice to aspiring students. In a technical presentation, Dr. Hinton described his work on model distillation, a process by which the knowledge contained within larger, more complex ensembles of models can be transferred to those which are smaller and require less computation. Dr. Hinton showed that by softening the large models’ outputs, a great deal of information can be extracted from its mistakes.

Women in AI

Tania De Gasperis from Over Under Inside Out, Jenny Lemieux from Torstar, and Dr. Amy Wu from Queen’s University discussed using AI as a tool for change. The panel was moderated by our very own, Sam Dunn, a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and QMIND’s Director of Marketing. The panel discussion revolved around the changing industries of journalism, start ups, and biomechanics, in addition to why these women were driven to pursue careers in STEM despite the societal barriers that they encounter each and every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions feel free to reach us at

  • Who can attend CUCAI?

    Any undergraduate student from a Canadian university or college can attend CUCAI, irregardless of year of study or discipline. CUCAI is proud to welcome anybody, technical or non-technical, interested in a future with artificial intelligence.

  • Do I have to get accepted to attend?

    Unfortunately, due to the limited venue capacity and high demand for tickets, we will be allocating spots to those most eager to attend.

  • Do I need to have an AI design or research project?

    You do not need to have an AI design or research project to attend CUCAI. We welcome anybody looking to gain exclusive insights and perspectives from the industries finest, or those looking for friends interested in the growing field of AI.

  • What‘s included in the ticket?

    Both the Conference and Conference + Hotel tickets include access to the conference and all speakers, workshops, lunches on Saturday & Sunday, design-team showcase, and our Gala dinner hosted at the Four Points by Sheraton. Delegates who have selected the hotel option will receive two night of stay On Friday and Saturday.

  • What is the CUCAI code of conduct?

    The CUCAI code of conduct is our policy to ensure the well-being of all delegates and that the conference remains a safe and welcoming place for all.

  • Why should I attend?

    You’ve heard of OpenAI, ChatGPT, Co:here, and Deepmind in the news quite frequently. It is the age of artificial intelligence and there is no better way to experience it, than with others passionate about the space. CUCAI is the perfect place for that.

  • What is the gala?

    The Gala is our celebratory portion of the event. It will be hosted at the Four Points by Sheraton and will include dinner, a photo-booth, and awards for the best design projects from the showcase.

  • Is transportation provided?

    Unfortunately, transportation is not provided to and from the conference. Delegates must plan and arrange their own transportation.

  • Where can I apply?

    Applications are open on the LinkTree in our bio, as well as on Application close on February 10, 2023.

Get Involved

Delegate applications will open in the new year. Join our Discord to stay up to date!